Assumption of Risk

Powdersurf at your own risk. It can be a very dangerous activity, causing injuries or even death. Footprint Powdersurfs does not respond to any damage caused to objects or people. The use of helmets, pads or any other protective equipment is strongly advised. Since there are no bindings, the board can damage objects or hit people. Our boards are intended to be used only in fresh snow away from ski slopes and resorts, or any other crowded place. Use in areas where the risk of damaging objects or people is none. Be aware of avalanche risk and snowpack conditions before riding and use safety equipment. Always use a leash wile riding to prevent loss of the board and endangerment of others around and below you. The leash itself can be an hazard to the rider as well and should be fastened in a way that it can be easily released to avoid tangles or strangulation. Use the leash at your own risk. Choose the terrain you want to Powdersurf based on your own skills.